My Dotfiles

Below is a list of my dotfiles and scripts that I sync across devices and append from time to time. I hope you’ll find something you can use for enhanced laziness efficiency.

I use zsh as my daily driver but also bash from time to time, so both are included. I also keep scripts for automating configurations and application manifests.

Dotfiles Layout

dotfiles/ ├── bootstrap/ │   ├── │   └── ├── aliases.zsh ├── .bash_aliases ├── .zshrc ├── sakura.conf └── alacritty.yml — Shell script installer for common utilities I use on my desktop — Shell script for common utilities I’ll need on a server
aliases.zsh — Custom aliases and shell functions for ZSH
.bash_aliases — A few POSIX-compliant bash aliases
.zshrc — General config for Oh My Zsh!
sakura.conf — Configuration for Sakura terminal on Linux
alacritty — Configuration for Alacritty terminal on Windows

Dotfiles Usage

Run git clone in your home directory, this will place the repo in a dotfiles folder where you can edit/tweak to your liking.

Storing dotfiles in their own folder is a best practice in my opinion. To update the actual files after making changes (especially across machines), I use a shell function zupdate() — to copy configuration files to their actual location after doing a git pull on the repo.

The zupdate function looks like this:

zupdate() { cp /home/paramdeo/GitHub/dotfiles/.zshrc ~/.zshrc; cp /home/paramdeo/GitHub/dotfiles/aliases.zsh ~/.zsh_custom/aliases.zsh; cp /home/paramdeo/GitHub/dotfiles/.bash_aliases ~/.bash_aliases; cp /home/paramdeo/GitHub/dotfiles/sakura.conf ~/.config/sakura/sakura.conf; }

GitHub Repository

The repo can be found here: