Firefox Sync does a great job of syncing bookmarks, but it’s always good to add redundancy to something this important. I currently backup my browser bookmarks to Dropbox for off-site storage and cloud sync. Below are the steps to achieve this on Windows 10.

Find Your Firefox Profile

Locate the following folder:


In that folder, you should see your Firefox profile folder, and within that folder a bookmarkbackups folder where Firefox automatically creates rolling and date-versioned backups of your bookmarks library. These backups are stored in a readable format that can be transferred effortlessly between Firefox installs; even cross-platform.

In Firefox, if you hit CTRL + Shift+ B to open your Bookmarks Library, the following can be seen which represents the actual files stored in the above folder:

Create Backup Script

Create a Windows batch script with the following content:

robocopy "C:\Users\<YourUserName>\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\<YourProfileFolderName>\bookmarkbackups" "C:\the\path-where\you-will-save\the-backup"

Substitute the location of your Windows user profile and Firefox profile folder names and of course where you want to save the backups. As mentioned above, I use and recommend a folder that’s synced externally, for example a Dropbox or Google Drive folder.

Remember to save this script with a .bat extension for it to become executable. You can test the script by simply opening it or running the actual command in a cmd terminal to check the output.

robocopy is a great tool for this job since it compares the source and destination directories and will intelligently copy only new or changed files.

To learn more about the syntax of the robocopy command you can type robocopy /help from a command prompt as it’s quite a robust tool and the command syntax can be further altered to meet many use cases.

Create Scheduled Task

Hit Windows Key + R to bring up the Run dialog and type taskschd.msc to open Task Scheduler.

Under the Actions menu, select Create Basic Task and follow through the Wizard to setup the task’s specifics. For simplicity’s sake I’ll include my own configuration below as a demo:

After creating the task, it should appear in your Task Scheduler Library’s list of local tasks. Choosing to run this task at logon will get it out of the way and works to compliment Firefox Sync.